Xbox franchise league (teams open)

@APimpNamedSlit is the commissioner.

If interested please DM @APimpNamedSlit or @SR71-NightStalker. 26 teams are still open.

What teams are taken

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Seahawks, saints, cowboys, eagles, browns, ravens

Our main objective here is to create a 32 man league where people can come together and play fairly and realistically

(Open for discussion)

Advance times
12 midnight EST everyday
One game must be played out every day or will be simmed

No custom playbooks
Must have a balanced play calling between run and pass
No abusing of same plays we are trying to make this realistic
It’s a gentleman’s league avoid exploiting and don’t spam

No nano blitzing
It’s not fun or realistic being met with the same blitz every play unless your playing @Dakiusprime who uses the cowboys so abuse him :laughing:

Only 3 CPU trades during season 1 open for discussion in future and trades must be approved by commissioner

Unlimited user to user trade

This Is not ultimate team we arnt trying to make god squads we want this to be realistic

Moving players with abilities and X factor is allowed once per 16 games

Players can only be changed to different positions when the game itself allows it. In other words only after the draft.

(Still being worked on)


If you advance tonight do you want to play our game or will it be too late?

Also are you going to upload a realistic draft class or just a generic one?