Why are there no 7-feet tall receivers

I heard that back in the day the Chiefs wanted to sign Wilt Chamberlain at the wide receiver position. (Un)fortunately they couldn’t give him a big enough contract or he wanted to play the QB, I don’t remember exactly. But let’s imagine he agreed on their terms. How do you stop a 7-1 WR with a 40-inch vertical jump?

I know, Wilt is a once in a lifetime talent, one of the greatest athletes in history and you can’t simply find another Wilt for your team. But there’s a lot of Tacko Falls and Bol Bols. Why does nobody sign them?

I did some maths. I’ve found Tacko Fall’s combine measurements. His standing reach was 10’ 2.5’’ = 122.5 inches. His standing leap was 22 inches. Total: 144.5 inches.
Now let’s find a d-back who can guard him. Google says that the tallest full-time CB in the NFL history was a 6-4 Lenny Walls. Sounds not good enough. Let’s try Mike Evans. He’s 1 inch taller and he’s totally capable of playing the cornerback position. I couldn’t find his vertical reach, so I tried to calculate it. His height is 6-5 = 77 inches. His arm length is 35.13 inches. Obviously, I can’t just add that up to his height, because you know his arms don’t grow from the top of his head. They say a human is 8 heads tall. So his head is 77/8 = 9.625 inches long, and let’s not forget about the neck (9.625/3 = 3.21).
So, height (77) plus arm (35.13) minus head and neck (12.835) plus vertical jump (37) = 136.295
Which is 8 inches shorter than Tacko Fall’s reach.

Tacko might not be fast or enduring but make him run short curls or something and throw him high passes. How do they counter it, sign Boban? :smile: Then you’ll use one of your quick and agile WRs against Boban, that would be funny


Because they have so many health problems, they would be ruined in like 2 games.

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The abuse legs take… look at these bigs in the nba with the amount of issues they have already with leg issues, let alone a sport where they are way more likely to just have someone hit them in the legs

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Yep… Injuries… Plus they’d be too damn slow. They’d just get tackled immediately. Other than Wilt.

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I mean a guy like LeBron at tight end would be like a prime jimmy graham out there but people like wilt are a once a life time player, look at Shaq there’s only been one player that big and that dominate ever

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Interesting thread, appreciate the time and research you put into it.

If a 7 footer was in the league playing receiver, his knees would be out faster than d rose.


Calm down there. :joy:

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Giannis would be interesting. He’s 6’11 , freakishly athletic

Because it would probably get nerfed in the next update

maybe as a TE redzone threat but one hit by a LB to the knees and they would be done lol

Anyone tried him out in Madden?

In madden 18 I think there was Harold Carmichael absolute beast at 6”8

Literally end game Jimmy this year if he’s a 99 will be a god lol

Big guys are big targets for safeties.