probably McNair or Cunningham


Could be Steve young but he had a few more than that so the number seems kind of odd.

prob save him for legends or the 50. mcnair more of a totw throwback

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Ive been trolling ppl on twitter saying it’s Tobin Rote.


All the names mentioned so far are really good choices.

Don’t nap on Kordell Stewart! Rember his Oop Christmas Card last year.

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Steve grogan maybe.

Randall incoming bois

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Green letters it’s obvious it’s Randall Cunningham

Aren’t all the totw cards green though?

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To me, eclipsed means more than 35. :man_shrugging:t2:

McNair had 37 in his career. You might be right. But Cunningham HAD 35 exactly.

They’ve already confirmed McNair to be in the game this year as well