Title Update 10/8

Bench Press fully NERFED tomorrow


I wish they’d fix the clock run off… like I get it but it’s a drag


Clock run off should like be 4 seconds plus 2 additional seconds for every 10 yards gained/lost. So a minimum of 6 seconds if you gain or lose up to 10 yards, 8 seconds if you’re moving the ball 10-20 yards from scrimmage, 10 seconds 20-30 yards, 12 seconds 30-40 yards.



The zone abilities will become the new meta. I run mid and flat on brooks and lynch. It’s nuts

Lynch is only 1 ap per

This is like the 5th patch and they still haven’t fixed the DC glitch with 0:00 remaining


Cover 3 sky is all I run into online

Of the DC glitch when someone dashes in the beginning after they see your top 3 cards

I have not played any h2h in a month. Will not play untill they fix the D.C. Glitch.

Last year when they had the dc glitch issue at the beginning of the year EA/Madden had to shutdown all H2H play for a week so they could solve the issue.

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@Gpap or any of my fellow Mutgamer s is there anything you can do to prevent someone from dc glitching at the end of a game?

Dc glitch them first.

Lol jk


When there is an active DC glitch in mut with no counter, the game becomes really cumbersome for me to play. I have a history of becoming a loose cannon sometimes :triumph: . And one of my triggers is getting DC glitched in Madden. I know it sounds childish but it’s true, it’s safer for me not to play during an active DC glitch with no known counters.

Hopefully Madden\EA will fix the issue soon or give us a counter so I can end my month long hold out of h2h.


Just played online for first time in a month
And I got DC’D :persevere:


What modes do you usually play? Solo battles?

I usually play online, but this year I put online on the backburner because of all the DC issues. For the last month I’ve been messing around in solo challenges.