The Season is Over!

Hi guys. I’m back from my long break! I was gone for a while now because I felt the need to take some time off. Anyways enough said. So as you know the season ended on a huge butt-clenching field goal by Daniel Carlson. Who would of thought tho that that 1 kick would shake up the entire AFC playoff Picture! With him making that kick not only did he send Las Vegas to the playoffs he sent the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Playoffs as well. Tough Luck for the Chargers and Colts as their seasons come to a disappointing end.

This is the final playoff picture below:

Now The Matchups for Super Wildcard Weekend

Saturday January 15th
(5) Raiders vs (4) Bengals 4:30 P.M EST
(6) Patriots vs (3) Bills 8:15 P.M EST

Sunday January 16th
(7) Eagles vs (2) Buccaneers 1:00 PM EST
(6) 49ers vs (3) Cowboys 4:30 PM EST
(7) Steelers vs (2) Chiefs 8:15 PM EST

Monday January 17th
(5) Cardinals vs (4) Rams 8:15 PM EST

I will proceed to make a thread for the playoff games for all the fans of teams who made this far. I will also provide stream links for all the people who don’t have Cable or no T.V.

But most of all, HAVE FUN! AND ENJOY!

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