Team Standouts coming tomorrow


HIGBEE,HIGBEE,HIGBEE,HIGBEE! I pray to the madden gods!

Niners gang, please be somebody good :pray:

DK looks like a beast, but they keep making these WRs with low DRR… In fact, his RR is all messed up :confused:


This a dub the real dub will be if we get Justin Herbert tomorrow


@curtis_cobb any info on the set pieces.

His throw power would be insane if he got a 89. Also his release is one of the best in the game. Would be an insta cop.

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That’s the card I’m hoping for the most cause that would be a dub

I was wrong

He had like one good game.

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@WashingtonFC what did I say the other day? Josh Allen and dk


Time to trade myself 14 pieces for my Niners tomorrow :slight_smile:


Does it come with the power up?

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Yes 10 out the 32 cards already have PU, the other 22 don’t they will come with PU so basically 22 gold cards are getting upgraded

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Do you have to put the gold card in the power up? If so I have a dk metcalf on my team. Might have to sell him.

There has to be Cam Newton

Weekly Elite packs are broken right now, I’ve bought 5 so far.

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Are we still getting The 50 tomorrow?

Nice… good looking out! :slight_smile:

Pull anything good?