(Stats & pics)LTD's Thursday:Darren Waller &?

Here you go guys very best of luck to everyone going after these.See the full reveal in the 10:30 am est GMM stream.I am so crying now no way i will be able to get this dude anytime soon.



So long Finley… my TE’s are my #1 options so this is a GG…

Good looking card. Hoping vita vea for the other.

monthly WL rewards coming tomorrow too. we need pack luck


Sticking with Tony G, Kittle, and Heath.

Waller plays like a wr atleast he did last year

That can be a good thing or a bad thing.

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Ehhh Tony G looks outclassed by Waller.

But I’m wary of dropping tons of coins on LTDs. They sink like a rock as soon as the redux hits.

That’s true but still redux not coming for another month

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