Series 6

Hey Madden Ultimate Team Community, The Series 6 Update is targeted to be released on Friday, April 9th. If anything changes, we will make sure to let players know. On Friday, April 9th, your current Series 5 trophies will automatically convert to Series 6 trophies. The conversion value for a previous Series program to a new Series program is half. For example, if you have 100 Series 5 trophies, then they will convert to 50 Series 6 trophies when the new Series Update launches.

Also, on Friday, April 9th, new Series Redux players will be released. These are LTD player items that were in the previous Series that will now be available in packs as non-LTDs. The key changes you will see on the non-LTD player items are as follows:

The player item artwork will have a different border and stamp, and the LTD icon will be removed The player item will no longer quicksell for 250,000 coins but quicksell for the appropriate amount of training based on the player items Overall (OVR) Please note that existing LTD player items in Series 5 will remain unchanged, including their quicksell value. Only the new, non-LTD versions of these player items being introduced in packs as part of the Series 6 update will not quicksell for coins, as they are not LTD in nature.

The following list of LTD player items after Series 4 launched will be available in packs at the start of the Series 6 update:

Ultimate Legends

Antonio Cromartie

Dan Marino

Rickey Jackson

Herschel Walker

Jahri Evans

Troy Polamalu

Limited Edition

Brandon Linder

Tremaine Edmunds

Courtland Sutton

Leighton Vander Esch

Robby Anderson

Kyle Fuller

Trent Brown

Keanu Neal

Tyler Lockett

Danielle Hunter

Golden Tate III

D.J. Reader

Ryan Kelly

Brian Poole

NFL Honors

Justin Herbert

Chase Young

Alex Smith

Derrick Henry

Josh Allen

Aaron Donald

Aaron Rodgers


Edgerrin James

Night Train Lane

MUT Heroes

Darius Slay

Baker Mayfield

Jaylon Smith

Kenny Golladay

Career Tribute

Drew Brees

Again, if anything changes on the date of when the Series 6 update releases, we will let players know. Oh, one more thing! So that players can take advantage of the new Series Redux players in packs, the Monthly Weekend League Rewards for the month of March will be releasing on Friday, April 9th around 2:00PM ET.

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Nice!..thanks for the info


You are welcome brother, hope you have a great weekend.

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Learned my lesson from last series I won’t sell any of my cards this time


I’ve been grinding the past couple of days to get ready for series 6:

  • Finished my Mut Master for 125k coins
  • Leveled up to 89 (almost 90)
  • Did my level challenges
  • Almost done with my mut heroes challenges just need 400 more pass completions

Feeling really good about the team





Will post George and Ed pics when I get a hold of them.


Aeneas hitting 99 speed with chem boosts is low key a W. I’ve been using glover this whole time but now with my NIners TT I run Justin SMith and Watt at DT.

First thing i’m doing is power leveling to 93 to get the level master boost and the 98 PUP


NGL I’ve got a feeling with this being the last series that there will be a big market crash coming tomorrow…

The past two series changes I never bought into they hype but this time seems different and less people are talking about it.

I just sold my 97 Lamar as a little bit of a hedge but wont get carried away because my team is pretty set

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Man, I’m still at like level 66 :rofl:

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90 for me I don’t have a rush to level up this season

83 or 84 over here.

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This is the time of the year where I wish EA/Madden would add a 100% TT mode to H2H. Just like H2H seasons but only 100% theme teams can play, everybody in your team has to have the same team chem or else you can’t play in this mode. It would be completely bad ass to have a strictly theme team mode to compete in.

Random Thought of the day by your boy @SR71-NightStalker


Here you go guys

Hey Madden Ultimate Team Community,

Starting on Monday, March 29th we will be releasing a special Head-To-Head Competitive Seasons Event. This event will give players a chance to play online H2H games on the All-Madden difficulty. With the Madden Bowl LCQ being played on All-Madden we figured this would be a great opportunity to give players a chance to test their All-Madden skills before the competition.

How is the All-Madden difficulty different from the other difficult settings in Madden (i.e. Rookie, Pro, All-Pro)?

In All-Madden, you will experience the following changes below:

No Previous Play

Faster Kick Meter

Kick Arc Preview is not visible

Kick Meter is more punitive for window misses

No ‘Run Blocking Box Count’ visual in Coach Cam

Higher Fumble Chance on Tackles/Hit-Sticks for Scrambling QB’s

On top of the All-Madden event there will also be a change coming on Monday, March 29th to the Salary Cap Mode. For this change we have updated the Salary Cap to 1200. This number will force players to make tougher decisions on who to include in their roster. We will be monitoring feedback for future changes to the cap. If you are interested in participating in the upcoming Madden Bowl LCQ you can find all the information you need to compete within the following link:

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All Madden difficulty

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I played that mode today and it was miles ahead better than regular H2H



completing rivalz 1 & 2 + the new one tomorrow will give out a 97+ fantasy pack! 5 selections of redux/ul/mut hero

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Won’t be doing that lol

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