Playoff Promo Predictions

W or L? still gotta go back and change a few things. just realized I have two defensive masters too lol. i’ll fix that

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This is really good. But why not shaq Barrett for the bucs.

Steelers is pretty good. My predictions were 83 Alex highsmith, 85 snell, 87 Kevin Dotson, 89 Robert Spillane, 91 James Washington, 93 Steven Nelson with a watt or claypool master

Watt’s likely winning DPOY so he won’t get a playoff card… they’ll save him for NFL honors cards, or TOTY in case he gets snubbed.

My prediction: Zero Vikings :expressionless:

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I love how your prediction list actually works perfect for browns chems lol

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finished playoff promo predictions


good god that DK is going to be a problem

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