Pack luck

Opened one legends today, also got 86 Lamar Jackson in the same pack in the second round


What time or how long ago did you open that pack?

Just now

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Congrats I have not had one great pull all year.

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That was my real first one out of a pack, I got a good one out of a topper but I don’t think that counts

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just got my packs for SB. couple of things I don’t like:

  1. touchdown packs quicksell now for 50k, instead of 65k last year
  2. last year TD packs were a choice 1 of 3 80+ ovr players. this year, there’s no choice, there’s pure trash - I opened one of my packs just out of curiosity (normally I quicksell them), and got an 81, a gold and a bunch of silvers
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Made the top-10 in Solo Battles for the first time in MUT21

And look who I got from the 87+ pack


congrats bro

you have any solo battle tips?


Nice man congrats!


I never played solo battles in mut before. But those rewards are clean as hell. Do you just play the cpu?


  1. You need to get 150+ rushing yards (ideally 200+), couple of rushing TDs, 500+ passing, 30+ completions. First downs are important too, but I don’t count them. Just try not to score very long passing TDs.

  2. The easiest way to get enough rushing yards is to run with your QB. I run Levels 95% of the time. When the CPU plays man-to-man it’s easy to gain big chunks of yardage by scrambling - all defenders go right with your receiver and you double team the leftmost pass rusher and run left.

  3. Time management is crucial. Try to get out of bounds after each catch or run, then wait till the shot clock hits 20 and only then call for a new play.

  4. Use Omaha.


  1. Line up in Punt Block 44 Even. User your right CB. When the CPU makes some adjustments, audible to Punt Safe and intercept the pass.

  2. That glitch works through 3 quarters, except for the last 10 seconds of each quarter. So you have to defend in a more conventional way in the 4th. In MUT19-20 I had a couple of very quick and effective blitzes. Now I don’t have any (although you might try Mid Blitz, maybe it’s still good), so I just chew clock and don’t give the ball to the CPU in the 4th. I try to get all my yards and completions in the first three.

  3. Defensive TDs don’t seem to have any value, so just go out of bounds or fall to the ground after the INT.

Special teams

  1. Last year kick and punt return TDs were valuable. Not sure about this year.

  2. Instead of regular kick offs try onside kicks. That will help you to save some extra seconds, plus you will get a longer field = more yards to gain on offense. And if you miss your INT on defense, the CPU will gain less yards, completions and first downs.


Is omaha a necessity?

Yes, 13 games against the CPU.

One Featured opponent that can be played any time of the week.
Plus 3 batches by 4 opponents: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

You have to beat at least 1 Monday’s opponent before Wednesday and 1 Wednesday’s opponent before Friday, or else the whole batch will disappear.

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Damn Im only available on fridays what are the rewards like on fridays?

Not exactly. Omaha just makes things easier

Not worth the time. 4 Friday opponents beaten on the max difficulty + the featured opponent = 125000 points. = 21000 coins, 20 trophies and a Hail Mary pack

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Yikes. How long does one of those games take?

Just got WL rewards


big W I pulled Tre White out of that pack like 2 weekends ago


I got 96 Kyle Williams out of my 91+ pack, saw none was up and then instantly sold him for 530k