NFL Regular Season Thread: Week 6

We’re just one day away from the best time of the week!


There aren’t any exiting games this week.

Besides maybe bills vs chiefs.

There’s a handful of good games

Bills chiefs

Falcons Vikings

Browns Steelers

Bengals colts

Packers bucs

Cardinals cowboys

Falcons Vikings is not a good game :joy:


Yeah it is

2 high powered offenses and bad defense

It’s gonna be a shootout

Who doesn’t want to see Julio jones, Calvin ridley, Todd gurley, dalvin cook, and adam thielen play in the same game?

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I guess it’s subjective, but I hate shootouts. I like me some defense.

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Vikings season


Tonight we’ve got some really good MNF

Chiefs vs. Bills 5:00 PM ET

Cardinals vs. Cowboys 8:15 PM ET