NFL Graphic Design/Artwork

Hey, just thought I would start a thread for the Community to showcase some NFL(Doesn’t have to be NFL, but I titled the thread that bc it’s MutGamer) designs or artwork you have made. Not sure how many people do that here, but I thought it would be cool. Also if you wanna start making some designs, Photopea(which I use) is a great free alternative to Photoshop,

I’ll start off

Daniel Jones design

Here’s a Daniel Jones design I made, based off of his Ghosts Of Madden card, with a little bit of
my personal touch on it. Enjoy!


Nice man!

Most of my work is in GIF format


I made this design of Russell Wilson based on how in the superbowl the players come out onto the field and there’s all those smoke machines and stuff
So yeah, I hope you like it!
I will take any advice as well on how to improve


I like the gif stuff!


yoo that’s nice

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That video with sound still makes me :joy:

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i need to watch it

This is a Todd Gurley design that I did


better! making improvements!

This was a little design I did on Micah Hyde
I wanted it to look colorful so I did a color swap and added some foam and some bubbles with some bright colors
I had some trouble cutting out the signature so pls don’t mention it


So unbelievably unsatisfied with this, and was thinking of just deleting it, but I spent so much time on it, that i wanted to put it out eventually

Peep the Bengal fur in the background, also Joe Mixon bc why not.

If you got any requests about who I should do next, just lmk, I’m open to suggestions

If you got


All of ya’ll work is amazing!

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I think Aaron Hernadez
or maybe Oj Simpson?

If you really wanna see a criminal, I’ll do Plaxico Buress or Ray Lewis. I draw the line at convicted murderers.

Do Ed Reed

Ricky Williams :fire:

I hate this one but I did the swap which I thought was cool


And yes i know that there is a steeler player in the bg


Much more happy with this, a lil Prince Amukamara design bc why not.

One of my favorite corners ever, little me loved him on the Giants.

Took forever to get him inbetween those chains, but super-satisfied with the result



Idk maybe if you did a seahawks player i would like the design lol