New PUs coming tomorrow

hoping this is just a preview and not all of them


We will probably see all the epic players. I’m gonna be ripping gaps all tmw morning for these. It would be really cool if they added a training for PU pack

This does lend my thinking to MF being Friday. They’re draining the training market assuming all these guys may go up to 89/90

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A John Allen???

Don’t need any of these dudes but a juiced Fitz could be nice.

Kinda feel like Megatron, Moss, or bust tho.

Can you explain the draining the training market bit? I get that these can only be bought through training… what do you think happens to the cost of training then? Got 3M+ ready for MF but should i stock up on training now?

Nice I wanted to use my 90 PU pass on a tight end. Mark Andrews will be perfect.

MF will definitely release with training options available in the store. They drain the market so no ones sitting on a ton of training when it drops. Thus making you grind and spend $

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YES!! Cory

If theres no cam newton then i dont care


If it’s a Isiah Simmons PUP imma cry


man ea is on some shit

these power ups are trash as fuck

If you do all the power up solos you get a 50 power up fantasy pack. It’s 5 full games on 3 minute quarters I think.

Prices are already going down a lot.


Did the solos. You get a random PU and a Fantasy PU pack along with the 50 PU Fantasy pack.

They gave me Kennard and I picked Allen.

Out the 50 I picked DRC and powered down Denzel.

Is the 50 PU a NAT?


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2K esque market destruction lol

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I didn’t pick from the 10 today saved it for later, my 50 6 was Reggie White, Ryan Shaizer, Steve Hutchinson, Taylor Mays, Reggie Bush & Calico I picked Hutchinson I’m happy lls