Mutleaks: Which animations triggered by abilities/Xfactors

Mutleaks published these last month, extremely useful if you’re trying to decide between abilities.


I saw this when it came out, but looking at it again today, I didn’t realize Finesse/Power Specialist have a countdown timer reduction that isn’t on Edge Threat Elite. On Danielle Hunter, I’m changing Unfakeable to Finesse Specialist, to go along with ETE and Reach Elite - Rarely do my Dlineman encounter ballcarrier moves in the backfield, a countdown timer reduction should be much more beneficial.

I have unfakeable on Willis and need to change it to secure tackler I think. Just concerned it’ll affect enforcer.

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Doesn’t he get Tackle Supreme?

Ya I think I chose unfakeable over it tier 1. Was being stupid at the time.

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