Mutgamer fantasy football!

This Year I decided to Host a Fantasy Football League, There will be no money involved but here are the requirements

-Any Age is Allowed

-No Racial Slurs

-No Homophobia

-Have Fun!

-Cursing is allowed to a extent (no packing, etc)

Link to Join League is right here :arrow_forward:

10 team PPR btw

(Draft Order is set by whoever joins Example: 3rd Person to Join gets 3rd pick, 4th person gets 4th pick etc.

League Full.

I’ll join tonight

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Nice Man!

whats the name of the league?

this is all i see from the link, how do i join

how do you join the league i created a account but nothing else happens

oh i didnt think this would happen

click link

try closing tabs and reloading

here do u have an account name i can friend you on on there? that way i can see the league and join.

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yea i can friend you too

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yeah you can friend me @PxpperStxpper3

user is: PxpperStxpper3

k sent the request

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got it!

i did too

i guess its still not working

I think im going to change the cpu and see if i can join tonight

wait click link i sent u

@star5CR34M U interested in joining