MUT/GMM Update

Just some general information here

-Last GMM will be on Wednesday 5/4/21

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-This is the last Uniform Training Variety Update, you can still pull any NEW LTDS AND GOLDEN TICKET cards from them, YES you can pull GOLDEN TICKETS FROM THE TRAINING VARIETY PACKS

-Picks 1-10 from tonight’s NFL Draft will be LIVE in game TONIGHT, picks 11-32 will be in game tomorrow after 12pm EST time

-Limited Time challenges tonight starting at 8pm EST for the draft promo, Challenges expire at 12am EST

-Part 4 of the NFL Draft Promo “Present” will drop next week

-No new Power Ups will be added to the game, they will do a PUP expansion soon


so for training variety packs you can’t pull anymore jerseys?

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You can still pull Jerseys but they not adding anymore New Jersey’s to the game

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ohhhhhhh but what about the ltds you were sayin?

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LTD’S and Golden Tickets are in the Training Variety Packs, nice. I’m behind on the Draft challenges, gotta catch up this weekend so I’m ready for part 4

What other packs are the GT’s in?


They in every pack and have boosted odds for the next 24 hours after they will be hard to pull like Honors LTDs


ah ok thanks! what time were they released?

10:30am yesterday in game odds will end tomorrow at 10:30am



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