Lineup Updates- January 🍻

It’s a brand new year but the MUT teams change weekly post your new lineups here I’ll be posting an updated squad later today myself


is strahan fine to run at dt and run run stopper?

I run him at DT in the 3-3-5 but with no abilities he sheds a lot

Here my my work in progress 25/50 Steelers TT. I haven’t picked my NAT player from the 50’s yet because I’m not sure what direction to go. I have 300k coins and obviously need to upgrade a few positions with some budget 90ovr guys.

Should I be taking Barry, Deion, or Moss?

haven’t added my abilities and other chems yet either so ignore whats on there for now

All of my WR’s besides JuJu are NAT btw

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You can’t go wrong with either Moss or Deion. I’d suggest Deion because his power up is already available and you don’t need a theme team for him to hit 99 speed

Really hoping we get an Adrian Wilson upgrade soon because that card is going to be cracked and gets mid zone for 1 ap

Thanks, Yeah I’m leaning Deion over Barry and moss at this point because I can slide rod woodson over to SS and play Deion, Haden, and Lattimore at CB to maximize the pieces o already have.

Or I could move Minkah to CB and have Atwater at FS

That sounds nice actually. One thing you can never have too many of in Madden are defensive backs


can anyone tell me which positions do not count towards chemistry? I wa thinking about adding another 25/50 TT along with my steelers TT and want to know how many non theme spots I have

some new additions to the niners team today


What the hell was I supposed to do here? I’m up 10 points and trying to kick a fg before the half. My opponent stands offsides and blocks my kick. I accept the penalty and it ends the half. I don’t get to rekick or anything. I just lose those points. I got matched with the same ass twice and he did this to me

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That :poop: happened to me a few weeks ago.

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Yeah it’s BS

that’s been in the game for a few years it’s fucking trash

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Update: 96/96/97
25/50 Raiders theme team
50/50 Play Fake Tier 10
50/50 Lockdown Tier 10
16/50 Zone Run Tier 3
20/50 Pass Rush Tier 4
40/40 Sprinter
28/40 Brawler

Abilities: Offense- Gannon-Bazooka, HRM, Gunslinger & Conductor, Barry & Kamara-Freight Train, Moss- Deep In Elite, Rice & Sanders- Route Tech

Defense: Sanders & Woodson- Universal Coverage & One Step Ahead, Woodson & Vincent-One Step Ahead, Reed-Zone Hawk


that Jerry Rice :heart_eyes:


Thanks for the detailed breakdown. Helps noobs like me a lot :grinning:


25/50 Raiders
25/50 Washington
54/50 Playfake
56/50 Lockdown
59/40 Sprinter

Abilites: Favre - GS/ Moss & Deion Slot AP and Rout Tech/ Kamara Backfield Master/ Cooley TE AP

Abilities: Deion, Rod, Charles, Simmins, all on OSA. Thinking about switching to a crap ton of mid route KOs.

Never made a theme team past 25/50 so really proud I was able to work both of these out


team looks fire!

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Yeah for some reason they haven’t patched this glitch, it’s ass. It’ll let you kick again if someone does it at the end of the game but I don’t think it works at the end of the first half

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