Jermichael Finley/Kyle Williams


Probably the best TE in the game

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Yeah looks like he might edge out Tony G.

Great Card

Hmm where’s the defensive legend?

We won’t know till tomorrow my guess is DT or SS

Please be Adrian Wilson

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It’s official… the annual MUT “Legends???” release of Jermichael Finley/Kyle Williams means it’s the end of new players being added to the game… sure we will likely get a a couple added during future programs, but doubtful the likes of Walter Payton, Dickerson, TO, etc. show up.

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Word? No Walter? No Dickerson? Not even TO?

There’s still multiple promos and ultimate legends. I wouldn’t start panicking


TO usually in playoff promo

Ahman Green, the bell tolls for thee :rofl:

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Otto hasnt even shown up yet and he’s been in every madden without fail

Jared Allen and Percy Harvin plz EA

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No Eric Dickerson?

I predict another set of Team Diamonds in a few weeks, along with TOTY…which honestly might be next week. Plus the start of playoff content.

It he sweet to get a bunch of random players for teams that only die hard fans of those teams would know