Is madden 21 worth getting?

I’m sure there is already a thread on this, but i wanna know if this game is worth the money? Would appreciate if you would let me know!

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As far as Ultimate Team is concerned, at least, it seems everyone here is enjoying themselves.


thank you, but is franchise different or the same?

I believe Franchise hasn’t substantively changed, one of the common review criticisms.

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@drewnoveroske welcome to Mutgamer

Ultimate team :+1::+1::+1: franchise :-1::-1::-1:

EA said that they’d release a franchise update sometime after launch. So you could wait until then to buy it or just get it now

If you’re a franchise guy I would recommend just buying next gen

Welcome man, and remember if you buy even the 60 dollar version you get the game on next gen for free, so that’s when I’m assuming you’ll get your update to franchise mode

hope they update it in next gen, but it is gonna be hard to get the ps5 and xbox x first roll out

I feel like the PS5 is gonna be impossible to get, but a little easier to get the xbox

Yo what is up guys I haven’t been on this site for a while so can’t create my own thread but I see that Target has Madden 21 Today for $29.99 which is crazy. Btw I’m an active user on 2kg.

Will I also be able to play at next gen graphics/features if I buy this and play for Xbox one S and Series X/S?


Yes it carry’s over for free


Right now the game is very slow, but it’s gonna pick up a lot when the holidays come around.

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Appreciate it! Will definitely buy then can’t pass on 50% off!

Ok. Haven’t played Madden in years I’m ready to have a blast again on next gen


Madden 21 is 29.99 at Target rn?


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For me madden is a must get. I love playing franchise mode because it’s so fun and relaxing.

It’s fun to play my friends sometimes too