How's everyone's Weekend League going?

I’m 5-2, lost momentum after starting off 5-0. How’s everyone else doing?

I jumped back in this afternoon. 5-1. The guy that beat me won by 7 and had a fumble return for a TD on one of my kick returns.
Kuechle is decent and I think runyan is better than Ogden so far. Ogden is a real statue running downfield. I been subbing Jamal Adams in at corner when I think they’re gonna run stretch.
For real though gameplay is super clunky. One of the guys I faced his defenders just collapsed in front of my bo Jackson and he didn’t even touch them. Never seen that before.

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3-0 so far but i dont think i’ll have enough time to finish this weekend.

Jamal Adams single-handedly won me two of those games by causing crucial fumbles. Dude is amazing.

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That’s my biggest issue - I don’t really have time to grind out 25 games.

Went 5-1 and yeah I feel you… 25 online games way to hard to complete unless u have a lot of time

I ended up 23-2 and currently sitting at #10. Unfortunately I suspect to be kicked out of the top 10 by the time it closes tomorrow morning,


Finished 5-2, spent all weekend playing friendlies with @HollygroveMikey4MVP :rofl:

I went 16-6. Had 3 games left and it was getting late where I know I won’t be playing my best. Two console crashes, one in a 0-0 game where I was moving the ball another when I was up 14-3. I got smacked twice by opponents Saturday so I did alright after taking a couple weeks away from online. Other two games I lost were close. The newest patch didn’t do ish because I was playing almost the same as before.

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I was knocked out of the top 10 at the 11th hour. Rewards-wise, not great besides the coins. Got Devon McCourty out of the 93+ pack who was going for like 215k so I just quicksold him and rolled some NAT TOTY packs.

Ended up getting Donald on my 3rd reroll so I’m pretty pleased.

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Play me in Madden. I want my revenge match.

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Im good play either late tonight or tomorrow night. First day back at classes today and I’m already slammed with coursework.

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