Fastest trading method?

I need to trade my main account like 150 82 OVR The 50 cards.

Do I really need to do 15 separate trades, switching back and forth between the accounts? Is there any other way?

not that I know I wish there was. they need to let you access the trade block on the app

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You think they’ll still do the 50 this week even with most feared? How much did you buy them for? Picked up 20 or so DRC’s for 18k but still a little butthurt from when they made that switch to 82 but seems unlikely now to switch to 83s

I think they’ll do the 50 still. And, yes, last week I got burnt from the switch to 82, but I’d be shocked af if they step up again this week.

I got them all for between 16-20k.

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The faster method would have been to not trade those 82 overall cards at all and to trade something of more value that requires less work.
For example Legends Steve Smith sells for 382k.
You could have traded yourself his 5 set pieces and locked in for him. That Full Legend can now be auctioned or traded. Auction that card off for 382k then buy the 82 overall “50” set pieces. Rinse and repeat.


Yeah, I should find appropriate legends and do that. Some will lose a lot of coins because the 90 is very overpriced relative to the finished Legend.

But, yes, you’re right.

I’m just glad at how die hard you are over madden I’m just wondering how dedicated to 2k you’ve been over the years

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I’m always go big or go home. No point in playing unless I have a God Squad :slight_smile: