AP Changes now Live

AP changes are now live the AP has been increased from 10 to 12 AP on both sides

New abilities added to MUT

AP Changes to current abilities


next couple of weeks will be fun trying to figure out the new meta.

Big W for Vick as the escape artist / gunslinger combo has a net zero change and all the other QB’s that are being used will have to pay one more AP


I took Escape Artist off of Vick to spend the extra AP on route techs for Moss and Deion. Now with the leftover AP, I put TE Apprentice back on Tony G.


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2 ap on safeties now, with acrobat?

Yep… pain

3-3-5 has been nerfed, running 3 safeties with acrobat is 6 ap,

guess i can still run inside stuff(3), 3 safety acrobat(6), and 3 cornerback acrobat(3). not gonna get a whole lotta pressure. but that’s what you gotta sacrifice

I still run 3-3-5. You only really need Acrobat on the FS and SS/User. The dude in the box doesn’t need it.

what’s your ability breakdown on defense?

do you need acrobat on your user?

On defense Imma go
Simmons-Acrobat 2AP
Deion- OSA 3AP
Woodson- OSA 3AP
Woodson-OSA 3AP

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You don’t need it, but it’s helped me a ton this year to get wacky animations for INTs.

Strahan - Run Stopper + Mr. Big Stop (2 AP)
Sean Taylor - Acrobat (2 AP)
Rod Woodson - Acrobat (1 AP)
Deion - Acrobat (1 AP)
Troy Vincent - Acrobat (1 AP)
Hendricks - Mr. Big Stop (1 AP)
Sapp - Run Stopper (1 AP)
K. Mack - Mr. Big Stop (1 AP)
Simmons - Acrobat (2 AP)

@TapX-Mikey does OSA help on Next Gen?

what is mr. big stop, what’s it do?

You get half your pass rush points back on 3rd/4th downs

you don’t run inside stuff in 3-3-5?

I’m not on next gen so I wouldn’t know bro

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Seems long overdue given how many AP good abilities cost.

I tried it but it seemed pointless. On Next Gen at least.

I’m still messing with them, but I’m ditching my edge protectors for the +1 to Threat Detector as well as 1 AP Identifier.

Defense will stay relatively the same, I’ve been using zone abilities on my corners and safeties in 335 with 2 Double or Nothings. Getting rid of those in favor of adding Acrobats.


Booted up to see how my team would change, was at 11/12 on O, 10/12 on D.

I’m thinking going two Secure Pros Nd keeping it how it is. I took Acro off my safeties soon as I saw they was getting increased.

Anybody tried that deflator chem?

Deflator could actually be pretty good. I just played someone with it and my running back was orange after the first play from a tackle. Could be interesting paired with 1 AP Enforcer


OLBs or DTs and DEs?