74 ovr Jawaan Taylor highlights

I was watching Kay’s All-rookie team gameplay and one of the most impressive things in this video was Jawaan Taylor’s performance - the 74 ovr right tackle, who played out of position at LT (#75).

Check out how he holds down Aaron Donald, how much time he gives his QB in the pocket: https://youtu.be/7M1arM6Uwvs?t=270
Now he’s holding Lawrence Taylor: https://youtu.be/7M1arM6Uwvs?t=512
And again: https://youtu.be/7M1arM6Uwvs?t=529
And then he completely dominates DeMarcus Lawrence: https://youtu.be/7M1arM6Uwvs?t=559

I wonder why my 96 overall tackles can’t play like that :sob:


My themed up o line all with like 95 plus strength gets toarched… I should just run their gold and silver backup cards lol

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