50 LT/Barry/Mawae



Welp looks like I know who I’m getting with my NAT


Human JOYSTICK on Barry is going to be tough

One of my favorite or Barry Sanders for my NAT. Who should I get?


It’s NAT… so go with whoever will stay on your team longer

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If this is the last 50 player then man did they completely neglect the C position this year… basically only 1 C in the whole game.

Matt Birk is serviceable

Team chemmed Alex Mack isn’t a bad choice but obviously IMO a 91 overall center still does good for me considering most the time it’s just from the edge

Have Matthews currently… was just making a joke because Matthews, and Mawae seem to be the only legend C’s EA’s heard of.

I’ve heard the 96s aren’t available from the solos, is that true?

Fights for Extra Yards… (NO) … Wow

We’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled

After looking at Barry… outside of getting every team chem when powered up… still have to stick with Kamara.

I think I’m sticking with Kamara as well. Kamara’s catching and traits are perfect plus he gets backfield master for 1ap

i’m not even gonna finish the challenges if you can’t get the 96s haha

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Exactly… they are same speed, Kamara’s agility is alittle lower but his catching is better, so he looks like the more complete back.

Yeah the best thing about Barry is he can get any team chem so that powered up you can improve his catching plus get him to 98 or 99 speed. He’s still a top 3 RB. If you can power him up without breaking the bank then I would use him. But right now between PU, 50 card, and theme diamond… you’re looking at around 1.6 million

Barry also has low trucking and break tackle compared to Alvin Kamara. Kamara has 86 trucking and Barry’s is 71. Kamara has 97 break tackle, Barry’s is 94. Kamara has all 80+ route running. Barry is in the 60’s.