4-6 Defense

For the past few years I’ve mostly run the ravens defense and when I get bored I’ll switch to the multi defense.

2 days ago I switched to the 4-6 and I love :cupid: it. I’ve been running 4-4 split a little bit with some dime normal because I have some experience with those formations.
4-6 normal is what I’m running the most, rush outside , cover 3 match, and cover 2 invert.

Any of y all 4-6 guru’s that have any helpful advice and tips please share with your boy :grin:


Bear under cover 2 is a good traditional c2. My money blitz is still bear gap press. Slide line left, crash left. User blitz mlb


@Bringbacktheoilers Thank you, that’s what I’m trying to find out.

Gap press is in 4-6 bear

Cover 2 press is in bear under

I’ll be working on these for the next Few days.
Thank you for helping :innocent:

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Im planning on running two linebackers on the field at all times and maybe slide in my backup SS at linebackers any good run stopping defenses in multi d that you know of to have my linebackers make plays. @SR71-NightStalker

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Played only 2 online games in the last month, hopefully I’ll start playing regularly again before thanksgiving.

In mut 20(last year’s game) i ran pinch dog out of 3-4 odd mixed in with cover 4.
3-3-5 Tampa 2.

@DROSEDaGod I’m not the person at the moment to ask advice on Mut 21 h2h play.
I’m still stacking coin and slowly building my team. Hopefully during Most Feared I’ll be able to max my team out and still have a million coin left over while winning a few Superbowl s :grin:

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The big thing about 46 is the stacked box. Play around on cover zeros by dropping one or two into cover. Or man up a blitzer on a zone play. Get creative. It’s the same look every time (I set my coach setting for man alignment every play. Then I’ll base align as needed in pre play) Any offensive player that says they can read a 46 is a damn liar.

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Coaching adjustments Man alignment the whole game, and just base align on the fly if the numbers are not right.

I’m getting so excited thinking about all the possibilities.

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Am I send 3 or 8?

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There’s also Gap press in 46 bear under

I don’t understand 46 bear or bear under - because there are OLBs playing coverage which is not what I want to see; so I also play mostly 46 normal speed package (4 down lineman + Mills and 6 DBs in coverage). Favorite plays: Cover 1 Contain, Cover 1 Hole (deep safety = QB spy), Cover 3 match, Inside Blitz (easy to read: one of the blitzers take a couple steps forward which he doesn’t when not blitzing; and easy to pick up: simply block your RB; but if your opponent is not expecting it, the blitz is super effective: one of the blitzers goes through the A gap untouched).

Also, fun fact: it’s not 4-6, it’s 46, because:
“Unlike most defensive formations that take their names from the number of defensive linemen and linebackers on the field (i.e. the 4–3 defense has 4 linemen and 3 linebackers), the name “46” originally came from the jersey number of Doug Plank, who was a starting strong safety for the Bears when [defensive coordinator Buddy] Ryan developed the defense, a role typically played in the formation as a surrogate linebacker”


Does anyone have anything cheesy out of this book to run on the cpu, I’ve been mid blitz cpu the last 3 years so now that I don’t have that option out of the Nickel I’m Kinda lost and don’t wanna change my book every time

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Bear gap press or 3-4 bear will ss 0 same setup for both. Slide line left, crash left, shoot the gap

For gap press, blitz the mlb and olb. Normally the olb is on contain and mlb is manned to hb.


The reason I call it a 4-6 defense is when I play the 4-4 or the 4-6 normal I put Mays and Dawkins at corner back( “out of my way” ability)and DMC at free safety. It’s something I’ve been doing since madden 20 to stop the stretch. Last year I used Lott and Mays at the corners with “out of my way” and “enforcer” with woodson at safety. In squads me and @Dakiusprime would each grab a cornerback and slide them towards the outside line backers giving our defense a 4-6 look daring our opponent to pass!

The 4-6 defense is a defense we used in h2h and squads against run spammers and users with sub par passing skills.

@inspectorcat do you know if Doug Plank ever got a card in any of the past Mut seasons?

Doug Plank has never been in mut

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is 46 good against with pass rush because i mlbs with great speed and i always want to get my mlbs involved in the pass rush. I just dont want my edge rushers to play coverage or stand up.

Thanks man need to cheese the cpu at all costs lol